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What is Karma?

Many people, most in fact, believe karma is some sort of overseer, or keeper of the law of “an eye for an eye”, or some kind of cosmic justice system -the “Karma Police” if you will.  While it may seem so, there is a much larger picture of what’s going on. The much talked-about “law of attraction” is what many people are confusing with Karma.  The Law of Attraction is not karma, rather our karma is the cause and the law of attraction gives us the effect, desired or not.  So if Karma is not the Law of Attraction, then what is it?

The word Karma literally means “action”. And that is exactly what Karma is, it is our conditioned behaviors, or accumulated sum total of our actions.  Our conditioned behavior patterns which follow us from life to life, ARE our Karma. Think of karma like this:  Imagine that your behavior patterns, or habits, are like the grooves in a record.  They play the same tune as long as we keep playing the same record.  We keep digging deeper grooves in our own broken records by making the same mistakes, reacting in the same ways, and performing the same karma.  Karma is the groove in the record that we keep replaying on our metaphorical record players of life.  So in sum, Karma is our conditioned behaviors that define our relationship to the universe.  So to change our Karma, just put a different record on the stereo.  Change your ACTIONS!

That being said, there are ancillary consequences that play out in a “law of attraction” kind of scenario. In other words, we keep sending out bad actions, reactions and behaviors into the cosmic energy field, and BAM we attract those energies right back to us.  The world is a mirror, and we we reap what we sow. So remember, karma is NOT the law of attraction, it is our own behavior that is our Karma.  It is our actions which define us within the world that we interact with in real time.  The Law of Attraction merely plays along and cooperates with us.

And so goes the saying “we must BE the change we wish to see in the world.” Changing our behavior, our action, our Karma, changes the world, and our relationship TO IT.


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